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Freemasonry, a beautiful system of morality, veiled in allegory, and illustrated by symbols.

  • Fraternity (Brotherhood)

  • Make good men better

  • Charity

  • History

  • Symbolism

  • Ritual

  • Personal and professional growth and development

  • Family oriented

What Freemasonry Isn’t

  • We believe in one God regardless of how he is worshiped but we are NOT a religion.

    • All religions are welcome as long as the member believes in a single supreme being.

  • We are not a political organization.

    • Religion and politics are never discussed at Masonic gatherings as  they can potentially be controversial and compromise our fraternal bond.


What to Masons Do ?

  • Regular Monthly Meetings 

  • Social Events 

  • Charity Events 

  • Lodge Operations Meetings

  • Masonic Education


Why Do People Enjoy Being Masons ?

  • Be part of something bigger than one's self

  • Brotherhood / Fraternity & sense of belonging

  • Personal and professional growth

  • Leadership skills

  • Expanded social network

  • Give back to society

  • Learn to be a better man

  • Family values

  • Masonic Journey

  • Enlightenment

  • History and Symbolism 


What Makes a Good Mason ?

  • Good Person – Good Values and Moral Code

  • Want to do charitable work to make the world a better place

  • Pride in the fraternity

  • Volunteers to become involved

  • Works to make the Lodge, the district, and the entire fraternity better

  • Seeks a journey of growth and enlightenment

What Makes a Great Lodge ?

  • Strong Leadership

  • Active, involved members

  • Dynamic, growing, changing

  • Good attendance at meetings and turn-out at events

  • Creativity

  • Every lodge has its own individual personality, strengths and opportunities


How will Masonry Affect My Family and Religion ?

  • Your family and your personal spiritual beliefs should always be first and foremost consideration for you.

    • Though it is a fraternal organization, we have numerous family events.

    • We want your family to be actively involved.

  • You are never mandated to do anything you don’t care to do.

    • All expectations are dictated based on your own assessment of what is reasonable in consideration of your personal situation at the time.

What Questions Can We Answer For You ?

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What If...


There was an organization that was dedicated to help good men become better... organization that still believes in tradition, respect, dignity and honor... organization that emphasizes enlightenment, constant learning, and knowledge passed down through many generations... organization with a rich history, strong ties to our founding fathers and where many great men have been, and still are members... organization that teaches truth, objectivity, respect and brotherhood regardless of race, religion, political belief, or sexual orientation... organization dedicated to making their community and the world better through kindness, morality, and charity. organization that has a time honored process for teaching leadership, public speaking, organization, and influence skills... international organization where every member world-wide welcomes you as a respected and esteemed brother...


Would you want to be a part of it ?

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